During its 13 years in Tulum, Colibri Boutique Hotels has been at the forefront in supporting community and environmental initiatives.

Focusing on the immediate area where the hotels are based as well as on nearby communities, CBH sources many of its products from local suppliers for food and materials, makes regular contributions to developing communities in the region, and makes regular donations to ensure the safety of the nesting and hatching sea turtles indigenous to the area.

This year’s new program at Colibiri Boutique Hotels is fundamental to our core beliefs. With our “GIVING BACK” mission, Colibri reaffirms our commitment to sustainable development. Through this, we ensure that all of our regular practices, policies, strategic development and programs are fully integrated, in compliance with our misision to protect the environment and local heritage, as well as have a positive impact while teaching those around us to do the same.

Through this program, we maintain our leadership position in social and environmental responsibility, striving to ensure an ongoing, positive benefit to all who interact with us. We will continue to serve as a role model for the community and for future community development.

Key to this model are four tenets:

  • Advancement of the quality of life for our employees
  • Improvement of environmental conservation
  • Improvement of the welfare of our community
  • Adherence to corporate ethics


Some examples of Colibri Boutique Hotels activities in recent years include:

  • Beach Cleaning Days
  • Integral waste management and recycling and composting
  • Tulum’s Sea Turtle Conservation Program
  • Earthquake relief support for communities in Oaxaca
  • Community Nights supporting local purveyors and community talent
  • Regular contributuions to developing communities in the Yucatan
  • Support of local art, music and dance workshop initiatives for local children