NOMA Mexico Project

Noma To Open In Tulum In 2017: Noma Mexico Announced In Association With Colibri Boutique Hotels


It is with great excitement that we can finally share that Noma Mexico will open in Tulum for a seven-week residency starting April 12th 2017 in partnership with Colibri Boutique Hotels (

The Noma Mexico “pop-up” – the latest from the Noma team after similar adventures in Japan and Australia – will see René Redzepi reunite with friend and former sous-chef Rosio Sanchez (Hija de Sanchez) to develop a new and original menu using only local and indigenous ingredients.

Working Sanchez, and a small group of international chefs, the Noma team have already begun to develop their vision for the Noma Mexico residency, traveling across the country in search of inspiration, flavours and preparations – from Mexico City to Ensenada, from Chiapas to Puebla, from Oaxaca to Guadalajara, and of course all across the Yucatan Peninsula.

Noma Mexico will be outdoors and under the canopy of the jungle, and just steps away from our own La Zebra boutique hotel, where shorts and sandals are the norm but good taste is held in the highest standard.

Prepare yourself for a culinary experience unlike any other.


Gracias, Rene Redzepi, gracias Rosio Sanchez, y bienvenidos a La Zebra, su casa nueva.


Noma Mexico open its doors on April 12th 2017.