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Welcome to Colibri Boutique Hotels, a proud member of Small Luxury Hotels of the World. We are an exciting collection of Barefoot Chic hotels providing conceptual luxury experiences in our exclusive Caribbean oceanfront properties.

At Colibri ,we want you to experience the perfect vacation in comfortable luxury. Whichever type of traveler you deem yourself to be, we have the ideal hotel for you!

Others offer lying on white sandy beaches under the sun, but we go above and beyond creating the perfect ambiance for all types of travelers and guests. Our oceanfront properties are as diverse as the human race, therefore Colibri has the perfect vacation stay for those who know exactly who they are and what they want out of their Barefoot Chic experience.

Here’s to the individuals and the unique who know what they want, how they want it and how they want to feel when they get it.

Here’s to you.



We are a group of Boutique Hotels specialized in creating memorable experiences through high quality accommodation and gastronomy. We are based in exceptionally beautiful natural locations and take pride in always respecting the social and natural environment, our shareholders, guests and talented team.


To be industry leaders in proving consistent and genuine personalized service and the creation of memorable experiences. To be an expanding group recognized for its quality, economic, social and environmental sustainability, worthy of the loyalty of our guests.

Colibri Family

Here at Colibri we firmly believe that our biggest asset is our fabulous team who we view as our family. Please allow us to introduce you to some of our incredible family members and hear their stories of how they have grown with us.

“Would you you like to join our family? Please contact our HR team for more information


“The best thing about working at Mezzanine is the teamwork, it feels more like a family, it doesn’t feel like work, it is my happy place“

Oyuki Ocaña

Administrative Assistant | Mezzanine Tulum

Victor Lopez joined us at La Zebra last year as a security guard, born in Chiapas from where he set off to look for better opportunities and means to support his parents. His kindness, good performance and eagerness to start a career, gained him the opportunity to be moved to our Storage & Purchase department, where he ensure all areas have what they need to produce a memorable experience.

Santi López Domínguez

Storage & Purchase Department | La Zebra Tulum

One of the most unseen talents of our hotel, Jennifer is part of the administration team, she started as a cashier and with dedication she grew to a higher position where she consistently performs with outstanding accuracy, all with a lovely smile.


Administrator | Tulum Hotel Pez

Gras, our eternal smile waiter, came from working in big resorts but wanted something different, “I love to see how much our guests enjoy the food, our stories, how they travel from so far away to see our beautiful place, but mostly to see their happy faces and know we are doing our job right.”


Waiter | Tulum Hotel Mi Amor

“My family is everything to me, and the fact that my little daughter feels so proud of me and my place of work, that is my everyday motivation.”

Cristian Jacobo

Waiter | Mezzanine Tulum

Owner of a great smile, Alberto, our Housekeeping Supervisor for the past four years, can motivate his entire team and ensure our guests can enjoy the cleanest of rooms. No one ever saw him frown, and we suspect he doesn’t even know how to!


Housekeeping Supervisor | Tulum Hotel Pez

Meet your ultimate Host, Gustavo Morales, who truly enjoys creating memorable experiences for our guests. He arrived at la Zebra almost 3 years ago, looking for a better job opportunity far away from home. He started as a beach floor manager and after a lot of commitment and hard work, he evolved to become our Restaurant manager. For him the most important aspect of his day to day is to.

Gustavo Morales

Restaurant Manager | La Zebra Tulum

“I clean the public areas and the rooms, but our work is not only about cleaning; this is our home and we want to make sure our guests find it impeccable and welcoming.``

Rosaura Gomez

Maid | Mezzanine Tulum

Victor, started off as one of our Public Areas Cleaner, as he cleaned the restaurant, he took up interest in coffee making and started to dedicate time to learn how to make great coffee, he got so good at it that we couldn’t not have it every day, he changed jobs and our guests enjoy and appreciate his passion every morning at breakfast.


Waiter | Tulum Hotel Pez

Alberto started as the driver of the staff transportation, he wanted to grow and started dedicating extra hours to learn about good’s purchasing and storage. In return to his dedication, he was given the opportunity to became our storage manager, pumping our very needed resources to every department to ensure everyone has what it takes to make our guests´ experiences wonderful.


Driver | Tulum Hotel Pez

“I love working at Mezzanine because every day is different. I enjoy the challenge of the expected high quality and enjoy providing our guests the transition from hungry, to happy and satisfied.”

Cesar López

Executive chef | Mezzanine Tulum

“I started as a cleaner and I was given the opportunity to grow and not a day has gone by that I do my job without joy. I am very grateful of the support I was given to be a self-sufficient woman who brings stability to her family.“

Virginia Barahona

Administrative Assistant | Mezzanine Tulum

“Its amazing to work surrounded by beauty and nature, I have so much love for my country and it is a truly a pleasure to help people to discover the best it has to offer.“

Ingrid Muñoz

Concierge | Mezzanine Tulum

“Mezzanine has given me the opportunity to work in a thriving company. Every day I have the privilege of meeting people from all over the world and can use my local knowledge to personalize it and make it special for each.“

David Caamal

GEM | Mezzanine Tulum

Raziel is our Head Chef, not only does he have an endless passion for food but aspires to provide every customer with a work of art on their table. He envisions cooking for guests as a way to give them love and appreciation for their preference.


Chef | Tulum Hotel Pez

Domi, our Guest Experience Manager, loves the peace the beautiful view provides and enjoys the most the interaction with our guests; their energy, personalities, different nationalities. “I enjoy being able to give them suggestions and offer help with anything they might need, to make sure they enjoyed our hotel and our lovely Tulum”.


Guest Experience Manager | Tulum Hotel Mi Amor

“I am excited to be a part of the Mezzanine team, where everyone is unique and brings something different to the table. Also, it gives me the opportunity to meet always new people, is like traveling, since every person I meet is like a cultural trip.“

Alessio Monno

Floor Manager | Mezzanine Tulum

Ana from Public Areas has on a permanent smile. “I came to Tulum in search of a better future and I got the chance to work here, where I feel part of a family and Mi Amor feels like my house that I clean and make beautiful for our guests, I don’t speak English and cannot interact with them, but it gives me so much pride to see them happy when they are here”.


Public Areas | Tulum Hotel Mi Amor

Arsenio from the Maintenance team, works hard at having everything functioning and ready for guest to enjoy, “I was taught to give my best and when something gets difficult, to find a way to solve the problem and when I do, I feel like a winner!”.


Maintenance | Tulum Hotel Mi Amor

Leo started as a kitchen commis 4 years ago and never though he would enjoy this job as much as he does. “I’ve learned and grown a lot with Chef Paul Bentley, I love the adrenaline of service, and I take pride in presenting plates beautifully and watch them come back empty and almost clean!”.


Kitchen | Tulum Hotel Mi Amor

Yumara, our cashier has worked with us almost since the day we opened, “I started as a steward, washing pots and pans, but I kept looking for opportunities to learn, so I learned to become a cashier and also help with bar functions. I am taking English so that I can continue to grow, I want my daughter to feel proud of me.”


Cashier | Tulum Hotel Mi Amor

Luis Bernardo from Housekeeping, has been working with us for 4 years, he takes pride in his job, making a room to be perfect He has saved all the thank you notes the guest have left for him, “it gives me a great sense of pride to know my job was valued and appreciated”.

Luis Bernardo

Housekeeping | Tulum Hotel Mi Amor

Alonso Sánchez, our Chief steward at La Zebra, comes from Jaltipan de Morelos Veracruz. He started his career at Colibri in our sister property Mezzanine. After one year showing his hard work and commitment he was transferred to La Zebra where he was involved in a larger operation where he became the bone marrow of our F&B team.

Alonso Sánchez

Chief Steward | La Zebra Tulum

One of the most authentic and beautiful faces at La Zebra, Cristina Tun Che. Originally from a little town in Yucatán called Chichimila, she represents with pride the traditions of this beautiful area in her daily appearance and incredible smile. She is a most vibrant Cashier that we have been lucky to have for close to ten years.

Cristina Tun Che

Cashier | La Zebra Tulum

Martha Mas Canul, member of our Pastry Kitchen, is from Puerto Morelos, a neighbor town in the Mayan Riviera. She started in our kitchen as steward but soon enough asked Chef Bonilla to allow her to go into the pastry after her shift. Slowly but steadily she learned and was later transfered full time to make our delicious desserts. She says that you should “never give up even if your dream seems to be unreachable!”

Martha Mas Canul

Pastry | La Zebra Tulum

Denisse can light up a place just with her beautiful smile and “infinite happiness” attitude. She consistently ensures all our guests (and colleagues!) have a wonderful day, every day.


Concierge | Tulum Hotel Pez


Beach Chic
zebra tulum colibri luxury

Be part of the most popping place in Tulum. A colorful and vibrant “Beach Chic” experience that offers the perfect family vacation, a fun trip with friends or a romantic getaway.

Love Chic
hotel tulum mi amor

Set poetically on a rock cliff where the waves create a melody, this exclusive “Love Chic” hotel seduces romantic travelers with its gorgeous decor and stunning design.

Seaside Chic
el pez tulum

A comforting, insightful and peaceful “Seaside Chic” hotel that provides the perfect backdrop for inspired thinking and coexistence with nature.

Lounge Chic
hotel mezzanine tulum

The perfect get away for those longing to relax in a “Lounge Chic” atmosphere, spiced with the best Thai restaurant in the Mayan Riviera, with stunning views to the Caribbean.


Island Chic
yemaya little corn island

Secluded and calm, this “Island Chic” hideaway invites the most exclusive and adventurous travelers to experience a vacation full of wonders and new discoveries.