You may have heard of it, or you may not have. We at Colibri Boutique Hotels just want to give you an honest brief on it before you arrive in sunny Tulum, and help you enjoy the area to the maximum during your stay, whether sargassum is visiting us also at that time, or not!


Sargassum is a floating sea weed which plays a significant role in the marine eco-system. It used to be centered mostly offshore in the North Atlantic Ocean. Since about 2011 Sargassum has been arriving to varying degrees on beaches in most Caribbean islands, some parts of Mexico and the USA.


The beaches can be completely clear of sargassum one day/week, have a lot the next, and be clear again the next.  There can be numerous months when no sargassum comes ashore at all. It’s arrival and the quantum are quite unpredictable.


Colibri Boutique Hotels take great pride in our efforts to minimize the effects of sargassum on our guests enjoyment. All four of our Tulum hotels sit in the Trip Advisor top 10 of over 120 hotels in Tulum, and it is often said by guests that we do a better job than others in the cleaning of our beaches for our guests. When choosing your Tulum oceanfront hotel, we think this should be a factor to consider!


While some hotels allow Mother Nature to take away whatever sargassum she has brought to their beach area, Colibri boutique hotels take a way more proactive approach.


Our efforts include the daily deployment of staff to clean our beaches, use of quad bikes with trailers to remove it and when it’s at its worst, the use of bob cats and trucks. At the same time as removing it, we need to be careful and respectful of the nesting turtle population, many of which choose Tulum as their destination of choice!

All of our hotels also have swimming pools to provide another option if there is a larger influx of sargassum during your stay. Many Tulum oceanfront hotels do not.


The state of Quintana Roo which stretches from Cancun to Belieze on the Caribbean side of the Yucatán peninsula, receives over 16 million visitors a year. Since the arrival of sargassum on our shores around 2011, and despite higher levels of sargassum in 2015 and 2018, visitor numbers continue to grow.


Tulum’s popularity in particular continues to grow as visitors enjoy ready access not just to our great beaches, but also to some of the states best archeological sights, fresh water cenotes , character filled towns, great culinary offerings, boutique and market shopping and the culture and warmth of the local Mayan people.


There is so much to do in and around Tulum.  We hope while you are here that the Sargassum is not… but if it is, we guarantee we will be working hard to keep our beaches as clean as possible and to help you of course to enjoy the many other options available to you.


See you soon!!!